Rising From The Ashes


Sober Living Houses & Recovery Community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Together we fight side by side, and from the ashes the Phoenix will rise. No one shall be left behind."

Our Exceptional Approach

These are Elevated Sober Living Houses:

Every moment of every day we are observing clients and doing everything in our means to foster a sense of community amongst them. They eat together, work-out together, go to meetings together, and engage in therapy. We place great emphasis on physical exercise, spiritual reflection, therapy, and teach clients that like anything, recovery takes time and practice.


Part of The Phoenix House’s elevated sober living approach is utilizing exceptional staff. Our sober living houses staff consist of Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Case Management and Peer support workers, ALL of whom have multiple years of recovery from addiction themselves. This means they are equipped technically and have the personal experience to teach individuals how to maintain a long-term life of recovery without the need for drugs and alcohol.


These sober living houses are the bridges between treatment and full independence. While The Phoenix House is a structured sober living house environment with sensible curfews, wake up times, and a firm insistence of accountability, the clients do have the freedom to work, pursue education, and leave the houses for personal matters. As time goes on, when the client is maintaining consistent growth in recovery, they are given more freedom to spread their wings in one of our recovery residences.


After treatment, we are more than aware that re-immersion into regular life as addicts can be beset with doubts, isolation, fears and anxieties that lead to relapse. So our exceptional 24/7 staff are here to process these life-threatening feelings with guidance through therapy, counselling and our safe and supportive recovery-based community. 


At The Phoenix House, being different and unique makes us proud of who we are, proud of our clients sustained recovery rate, and of our reputation within this field. 

*If you are willing to take the journey of abstinence-based recovery, and seeking a life without the constant dependence of substances. Are willing to take guidance from our empathetic & experienced staff through the practices of recovery. And are willing to learn and practice the recovery lifestyle with others like yourself, who together practice these methods to restrain their active addiction. We look forward to working with you.

About Us

The Phoenix House provides a therapeutic-recovery community for all through sober living homes located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide 24/7 counselling support with experienced Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Case managers and peer support. Our sober living houses practice structure, and a client specific plan with the aim of helping the client achieve independence through a recovery community. Clients with The Phoenix House are always asked to engage in this process with the therapeutic aim of helping them begin to feel a sense of engagement with their own recovery. Length of stay is decided on a client by client basis as every client is different.

In these recovery houses, through these practices, we teach individuals how to build a new life based on their goals and needs, while creating a solid foundation of recovery.


Our Facilities

The Phoenix House was created & inspired by the memories of,

 Pat Sena & Clayton Rosenthal


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