The Phoenix House delivers support for families of a loved one in our sober living facilities. We provide counselling sessions that are directed to parents, siblings, or loved ones of the client. Some don’t understand that families need just as much support as the clients.


At The Phoenix House, we understand this, and we also know support is a crucial stepping stone for re-building a family. That being said, as part of our program, we offer one free family counselling session as our gift.

In some cases, the family suffers the most, especially when the risk of losing a child is in the horizon or has become reality. Some people from the outside world do not understand this concept. 

A person suffering is not a bad, irresponsible, lazy, good for nothing, disappointment. Your loved one is in pain, and they need your help.

Our mission is to do everything in our means to prevent the most painful human experience. Our means are to provide people with an opportunity to experience a beautiful life in recovery. "If we invest in our recovery, we start to invest in living again."

"They were different. They looked up. Even when the stars weren't shining."

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